It is getting to that stage where shopping centers dust off their Christmas decorations, send Christmas specials in October already and generally let you know that this year has gone and its time to prepare for the next year.

Here are some gift ideas for when you have to purchase tech for the geek in your life:

Immerse™ Virtual Reality 3D Headset

Virtual reality is so hot right now and every geek lover around the world is or at least are thinking of getting their hands on a VR headset one day or the other and this would make a great gift to someone who wants to make the geek in their life very happy. You can get yours at Mantality for R 595.00. Click here for more details.

Whizzy Double USB Port Fast Car Charger 3.1A

Having an item like this is an almost must now a days with almost every single person having a smartphone device of sorts and battery life not being the greatest, it is always nice to have this as a permanent fixture in any vehicle. You can buy this item at The Gadget Shop for R 179.00. Click here for more information.

Chipolo Item Finder


This is quite a new and unique item which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and helps those who are constant losers of specific items in and around the house. Chipolo is an Item finding gadget that uses a CR2025 battery and gives you unlimited power in finding your lost phone, keys, bags, etc. It uses an app which pinpoints your Chipolo’s exact location and it also remembers where is has been. It comes in different colors and you can purchase one of these at The Gadget Shop at R 399.00. Click here for more information.

Finding the right gift is always difficult, but we hope that this small list would give you some inspiration to get the right gift now before they are all sold out.

Save BIG, Think Trink.