When a company like Bethesda gives you the game asset and asks you to replicate one of the biggest gun known to every gamer since 1993, you warm up your 3D printer, get the team together and you start working on this monumental project.

MyMiniFactory who specializes in 3D printing was tasked to make a 1:1 replica of the BFG (Big Fragging Gun) measuring 50cm wide, 50cm tall, and over a metre in length. This gun made synonymous for turning every enemy in your sights into a puddle of paste with one shot, first appeared in the original Doom series way back in 1993 and dawned the name: BFG 9000.

This project took over 35 hours to design the gun, over a thousand ours of pure 3D printing using multiple printers and over a month to finish this mammoth task to get it just right.


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