Our new compatible toner packaging

Packaging is possibly the most visible marketing tool.

I was challenged to find out why packaging is such an important marketing tool and why a new packaging design could either hinder or help marketing and sales within a certain sector. What I found left me astounded and amazed.

A study done by MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV), a global packaging solutions company, showed that:

  • 65% of all new sales are because consumers want to try a product, because the packaging caught their eye.
  • 55% of consumers purchase a product again because of the packaging.
  • 50% have switched brands because of negative experiences with new packaging.

Trink as a company saw an opportunity to redesign their compatible toner cartridge packaging in celebration of their new membership in the Kingway group. Our new compatible toner packaging sports a new tamper proof tear strip, new color design, detailed labels and a more sturdy box.

tear strip

Top view of our new design

With Trink’s new compatible toner packaging design, it is our hope that trust in our products are ensured through our longstanding relationships with our customers and potential new customers.



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