Now and again when you scour the globe which is the internet, in search of your next content to write about, you come across something that is so bizarre, so unique and some may even say gimmicky, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that is completely awesome…

Pizza Hut launched the first ever DJ pizza box.

This amazing device is made using printed electronics and connects via your phone or laptop via Bluetooth and syncs perfectly to any midi-compatible DJ software. This allows any budding DJ to set it up and mix to their heart’s content (or until the box gets worn out I suppose).

Don’t think about getting this in South Africa though as this limited edition box which was unveiled in early August is only available in the United Kingdom, and even worse, at just five of the country’s 350 Pizza Hut locations.

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with printers these days? Although we won’t be able to give you the technology to make your own DJ pizza box, Trink is able to provide you with all your home- or business printers, consumables, ink and stationery.

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