A few years ago, printer ink became the most expensive commodity in the world, becoming more expensive than Petrol, Dom Perignon, and even Chanel No.5 perfume. Currently the price of ink has risen by more than 200% since a decade ago and according to the major ink manufacturers, it is all because of ink technology, exchange rate and the ever changing oil price. Is it really the case and is there an alternative?

When ever you’re in the market for a ink printer, the first question that comes to mind is not whether the machine has wireless printing capabilities or whether it has Automatic Duplex Printing technology installed. No, the first question that comes to mind is: “How much will the ink cost?”

The sad fact is that in current days, printers are sold very cheaply, sometimes even selling the printer at a loss. This is of course so that the manufacturer can make up the lost profits with the ink cartridges where the profit margin is much larger and they piggy back on the fact that consumers will have to purchase ink more frequently ensuring constant sales of expensive inks. Add to that the validity of the exchange rate and oil prices, we see the costs are growing exponentially every month. Some inks can cost about R 20 000.00 or more per liter which translates to about 50c a page, making every page you print a very costly exercise.

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