There comes a time in one’s life that we need to purchase a new printer and because the printer industry has changed so much, we thought it would be nice to update our previous article about what you must look out for before you buy your next printer:


Before you run into a store, ask yourself what functions you want from the printer? Do you only require printing or would you also want to scan a page or two or even more simultaneously? Even though faxing has almost become obsolete, there are still some entities which require faxing. Do you perhaps need color printing or do you only require a black only printer? Having a color ink-jet printer might be cheaper to buy, but if you only print black, it will work out quite expensive seeing that you will replace not only a black cartridge, but also a color cartridge now and again out of necessity.


Of course price does play a roll when purchasing your new printer, but don’t only take the price of the printer into consideration, but also the price of the cartridges. Consider the constant price of the cartridges and factor them into the total budget as you will have sometimes buy cartridges on a monthly basis which could work out very expensive.

With these things in mind, you can make informed decisions before buying a printer.

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