In life, you would not use a Ming vase to fix a car or perhaps a screwdriver to skin an apple. In the same way, having the correct printer for the correct purpose could make the difference between effective or wasteful printing habits. We try and answer some commonly asked questions to assist in the purchase of the right tool for the right job.

There are many different printers available with many different features included and one can easily get flustered at words like “Wireless printing, Automatic Duplex Printing and even Automatic Document Feeder.” Beyond all the features and details, we must first get back to the basics and ask ourselves this question:

“What do I need from the printer?

This is by far the most important question we must ask ourselves before deciding which printer to buy as this fundamental question forms part of what value the printer will give you. Do you require just a printing function or would you like to have the option to scan documents or even send a fax? Once this is established, you will be one step closer to make an informed decision to which printer you will need.

“Which printer should I buy – Laser or Inkjet printer?”

Normally when buying a printer for home use or small business where your printing needs would be limited to under 500 sheets of paper (1 ream) per month, it’s recommend buying an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers give the opportunity to print colorful projects, school assignments and photos in controlled units. It is important to keep in mind that the correct type of paper is as essential as having the correct type of ink. We will touch on that in a later article.

When printing beyond 500 sheets of paper per month or where the printer will be used in an office environment, it is recommended to purchase a mono- or color laser printer for this purpose as this would be the most cost effective means of printing. Although there are ink printers available that will give you laser print quantities, it is generally accepted to use laser printers within an office or industrial setting.

“How much will the replacement ink cost?”

This question is the most common, but the major deciding factor in most printer purchases. This consumable is the only constant expense which any potential printer purchaser will be committed to for the lifespan of the printer itself. Seeing that printer ink is the most expensive commodity in the world, it stands to reason that the above question could make the difference of which printer would be the most economical. There are some printers that are very cheap to purchase, but the replacement costs of the ink would be the same price as the printer itself. Although there are many companies offering refilled or re-manufactured cartridges, this could have an adversarial effect to your printing quality and/or lifespan of your printer.

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