You decide that you need to print something and as luck would have it, the printer breaks and you need to buy a new one. You rush to the retailer and your head is flooded with information about all the different options available, the features each printer has and the different prices. This would leave any person flustered and might have you buying a printer you don’t need. So before you run into the nearest shop, take your time and consider these facts before you purchase your replacement printer:

1. Your printer is probably discontinued.

If your printer is older than 2 years, the chances of your printer being discontinued is almost a certainty. This is mainly because of the rate at what printer technology is ever growing with companies doing their utmost to deliver a new printer every few years to keep the market fresh. This means that you in most likelihood are not going to get another printer that is exactly like the one that you had, meaning that your “good and faithful” printer that gave you so many years of printing enjoyment would have to added to the “pile of discard” (AKA, the trash can). Rather focus on looking for a printer with similar or better features that would benefit you and would meet your printing requirements.

2. Doing proper research could save you money.

Before even walking into a shop, it would be advisable to do some research on what type of printer you are looking for. There are numerous websites dedicated to giving you, the discerning buyer, all the available printers with all the different features that each printer has. Make your list of possible contenders that would be the right size and have the features you need.  If that isn’t a possibility however, then contact a printer retailer like Trink with the expertise to assist you in your purchasing endeavor.

3. Stay with what you know, but keep an open mind.

If you used a HP, Canon, or Epson printer before and there are replacement printers available, it is recommended for you to stay with the brand that you know and love. Getting a printer from another brand than what you are used to, could be quite an enormous learning curve which could be daunting and unpleasant. If however there are no printers in your favorite brand that would meet your needs, it might be a good idea to change to another brand that might have similar or even better options available than what you previously got from your previous printer. So keep an open mind if you feel the need for change or have to choose a printer other than the brand you currently have.

4. Make you choice.

Take the information you have gathered and the questions you might have to a retailer like Trink to assist you in the procurement and purchase of your new printer. You should be able to have your questions answered and be assisted until you are satisfied with your purchase.

Remember that you are always welcome to contact us at Trink is you have any questions or queries.

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