The age old debate continues to this day and being Africa’s leading importer of ISO9001 Certified compatible toner and ink cartridges, Trink has been asked numerous times on what the difference is between our compatibles and the original cartridges.

When you purchase medicine from the pharmacy, how often do you purchase a generic brand of medicine instead of the original? Why do you do so? Because it’s cheaper. You ingest the exact same chemical composition to obtain the same result and you save money in the process. There is of course knock-off generics, but you won’t find that at your trusted pharmacy.

You can consider Trink Group (Pty) Ltd as your printer’s pharmacist if you will. With our years of experience and professionals, we know how to supply your printer with the same quality ink or toner cartridges at a fraction of a cost. There are of course some printers that do not have a generic ink or toner available, just like you sometimes would not get a generic of certain medicine.

We use this analogy to make it clear that Trink will only sell you ISO9001 Certified compatible toners and ink cartridges which carries a 100% guarantee.*

Trink… we lead the way

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