In a moment where an unpleasant situation could have seriously devastated business for a number of hours, an unsung hero stepped into the fray to rescue Trink’s employees from countless unproductive hours.

Today, our beloved municipality started work on power lines between 5th and 6th Avenue, Newton Park, which meant that the power lines had to be shut down for an estimated 5 hours and with it, the complete and utter shut down for businesses who do not have adequate protective measure for such occasions. As such, as the power went out on Newton Park and sent us into the proverbial darkness…

Trink on the other hand has a secret weapon; a hero that took up the challenge to protect us from the darkness and is still doing this at this very moment:

As soon as the power went out, Genine the Generator woke up from her slumber and 30 seconds later, we were back in business. Every single light was on, every single phone was working and every single employee was back to doing what they were doing before they were so rudely interrupted.

Trink is very proud of Genine and in her unwavering commitment to service and you as our valued customer can be assured to receive the same service from us when you contact us for all your compatible and original toner and ink cartridges, stationery and computer hardware.

Save Big… Think Trink.