***UPDATE***[SOLVED] (Click here for full details)

It happens a lot of times where personal belongings are misplaced due to negligence or by a sheer laps of concentration, but when it happens at Trink, we go overboard trying to return the belongings to its owner.

Trink Port Elizabeth has in its possession a very sad note which was accidentally dropped by one of our customers on our Front Shop Floor and we need to find the owner of this poor note that is currently crying its heart out. We have a professional counselor consoling the note and taking care of its needs until we find the owner.

We have a few pictures and video footage captured by our CCTV cameras of the person in question and we are asking anyone who knows this person to please notify him to retrieve his note from us as we would love to reconnect his lost property back to him.

IMG_3877 IMG_3878 IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3883

Help us lead the way…