It’s always a great feeling to read about some great news in and amongst all the bad news that is currently trending on the World Wide Web.

We asked a few of our customers to give us some thoughts and comments regarding our services and share their experiences and the general consensus remains the same: Not only are we Africa’s largest importer of ISO9001 Certified Compatible Ink and Laser Cartridges, but our customer service and customer interaction are some of the best.

The majority of our client base agrees that our Customer Interaction is of such a high quality and that the competent and friendly staff make each and every buying experience with our Trink branches a true joy.

h5lkuAt Trink, we take our customer interaction very seriously to attend to our customer’s needs in the most efficient and friendly way possible that would make our customers want to come back and visit us time and time again.

We know our customers and treat each customer with the same respect and attitude as we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Visit us at any one of our branches and see for yourself. This is just another way we lead the way… and we like it that way.