Wireless printing is the process of printing from your laptop or mobile device remotely to your printer while being connected to your wireless (or WiFi) router or via a cloud print-server. But what happens from the time you press “Print” on your computer or on your tablet? We attempt to explain the workings in the most simplified way as possible.

What is important for Wireless printing?

For you to achieve wireless printing at home, you would need the following items in your possession:

  1. A WiFi Router
  2. A WiFi enabled printer
  3. A WiFi enabled Laptop or Tablet.

The WiFi router must be properly installed and configured as the access point for all the wireless enabled printers and devices that you will be using with the wireless network. Once that is done, it is a matter of installing the printer and setting it up as a wireless printer. This will make the wireless enabled devices to easily connect to the printer within the wireless network.

Once that is done and your press “print” the data will be sent via the device to the router and the router will then send the information to the designated printer via the wireless connectivity.


Cloud Printing is a little different than WiFi Printing as the information gets sent to a cloud server and then printed to the designated printer over the internet. the information is sent to a could server which is then sent directly to your printer from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection and the computer is set up to receive such documents. You would not necessarily need a wireless printer or router for this to happen, but an internet connection is.


Wireless printing in all facets are becoming more and more a day to day occurrence and not so much something for the tech-savvy geeks of the world.

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