Buying a new ink or toner cartridge for your printer could be as exciting as it is daunting and for a lot of people, an immense fear goes over them when they are installing their newly bought cartridges.

With all the warning labels, tapes and stickers that need to be removed, one can easily feel like open heart surgery. Though it’s hardly the case, care needs to be taken to ensure correct working conditions for you printer.

From the moment you remove the cartridge from the packaging until you place it into your printer, there are a few things that you need to remember:

1. Read the instructions.

For a lot of people (especially for men and I’m ashamed to say it), reading a small instruction pamphlet is as taboo a subject as describing your “50 Shades of Grey” fantasies to a Buddhist priest, but sometimes it does help to read that little paper as it in most cases hold very important information regarding your toner or ink cartridge. Things like installing instructions, warning signs, warranty agreements, etc. Seeing that you paid a lot of money for the most expensive commodity on the planet, you might as well take the time to read up on what you are going to do.

2. Remove only what’s needed.

Although the heading is self explanatory, removing stickers or labels that shouldn’t be removed or not removing those that need to be removed could not only void your cartridge warranty, but also could damage your printer. If you however aren’t sure of what needs to be removed and what shouldn’t, ask the sales person who is helping you to assist you.

3. Don’t squeeze the ink cartridges.

Squeezing your ink cartridges build pressure within your cartridge and once that pressure is released, it could spill out of your cartridge and make a mess all over fingers and everything else the ink makes contact with. Holding the cartridge lightly in the front and back when removing the air lock sticker, ensures that no pressure is caused that might end in disaster.

4. Secure the ink and toner cartridges.

When you install your new cartridge, make sure that you insert it correctly into your printer, making sure that the ink cartridges clip in properly within the casing and your toner cartridges are secured. This reduces the chance of cartridges unhinging, becoming loose or stuck.


Taking care when inserting your cartridges could indeed prolong the lifespan of your printer, giving you many years of good use and remember that if you are unsure about inserting your cartridges, you are more than welcome to contact any one of our Trink Branches for help or direction.

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