office2Not a lot of people know this, but 6 months after Trink opened its doors in 2006, Trink launched its stationery department and it is this department that has steadily gained ground and is also a very prominent part of the Trink family alongside its compatible cartridge partner.

Both our stationery and compatible cartridge departments have seen the same success within the very competitive market of the day and this is mainly because of our decision to offer customers the same type of products that they can get anywhere, but at the lowest possible prices. Not only are our prices the lowest, we also focus ourselves on the customer’s needs and make it our personal goal to meet their needs as best and efficient we can.

Trink’s Stationery Department has grown to be a powerhouse within Port Elizabeth, offering customers anything from a single pen to hi-end office equipment and a one on one service that is next to none!

It’s just another way how Trink leads the way…. and we like it that way!