mf4780wWords like “unfortunate” or “unlucky” can’t even start to describe the feeling of loss and separation that we felt when the news came about that the Canon MF4780W, our budget flagship product for businesses have been discontinued and won’t be returning again.

It is very rare that we actually morn when a piece of technology becomes outdated or redundant, but that has changed. Boxes of tissues were spent as we remembered the robust, powerful, but yet cost effective business companion that won’t have the opportunity to assist any future businesses with all the scanning, printing, copying or faxing that businesses require.

Better yet, this printer used our compatible cartridges and was happy to do so. Never once grimacing or moaning about its duty (regardless of toner ethnicity), this machine performed to its maximum potential like a champion boxer defending his title every day!

We know that all good things must come to an end, but we had truly hoped that this gem of a printer would remain with us for a lot longer than what it did. Your place in our hearts will never be replaced and the place on our shop floor where you stood is now empty.