Are you a professional photographer? Or are you perhaps someone who is interested in Photography?

Although we do recommend keeping most things paperless, it is important as a photographer to have tangible evidence of your creative prowess to extend your photographic profile. Not only that, but printing your photos actually helps you to become better at your craft and here are some reasons why:


1. It helps you to be a better editor.

When you print a photo and hold it in your hands, you start to notice details that maybe you didn’t on your computer or phone screen. This will help you see the benefits of zooming and panning, getting the colors just right and fine combing through your image to ensure that it is 100% correct to your standards.

2. It helps you to be a better photographer.

When you print, especially big, all the technical issues with your photographs will be amplified. Seeing the print on screen (especially a small screen like a phone), you are shielded in a sense, but when you need to see the “BIG” picture, it might become problematic. It will help you to put more effort in your photos to reduce the time you spending trying to perfect it in Photoshop or any other photo editing program you might be using as it might not always be possible to redo the shots and spending more time on one picture to fix the flaws, can be really difficult and sometimes impossible.

3. It gives you inspiration.

Holding your work of art in your hand, fills you with a sense of pride and fills you with inspiration to go out and do more. You want to go out and take more pictures, learn more about your art and to become better at your art.

4. It’s the ultimate in satisfaction.

When all is said and done, when you wipe the sweat off your brow and look at your finished work, the satisfaction you feel cannot be compared with anything else. Your photo will come to life and you have a lasting reminder of past achievements.

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