We know… We get it… Being in South Africa is currently stressful. Being a South African is tough and takes a strong mental aptitude just to make it through a normal working day.

Currently South Africa is faced with a Power Utility under a lot of pressure to keep the lights on and to  deal with a government institution which thinks that “There is no electricity problem” despite being warned well in advance that maintenance on the system was needed, because of its unreliability. Eskom is now setting down the possibility of a total blackout and every South African is wondering how this is going to affect us as it would take about two weeks for the whole system to reboot…

We at Trink have decided not to be affected by this possible catastrophic, economic destroying power crisis. We will not close our doors and hide away when this happens. We have a plan!

GeneratorWe have procured a 50kVA generator that will be running in case our Electricity regulator finds it necessary to revoke our paid privilege to enjoy electricity. This generator will allow us to negate the ill effects caused by load shedding and give us the opportunity to assist our customers with all their Ink, Toner and stationary needs without any disruption on all levels .

As soon as this monster reaches us and is up and running, we will laugh at the sight of darkness!

Just another way Trink leads the way… and we like it that way!

WATCH… The solution for our electricity problem… (amusing to say the least)